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Okay, so I'm currently listening to the audiobook for Twilight. First off, I loved the book, I know it's not for everyone. I hate Stephen King. It happens. The audiobook is quite bad, imo. She's killing the story. She's a really terrible narrator, I mean, so many podficcers are so much better. Bella is funny, has a temper, and fairly sarcastic. When Bella is using dry, sarcastic humor that is HYSTERICAL... the narrator just makes her sound bitchy. When Edward is being cocky and teasing, it comes out uncertain and confused. I'm like, "Did she READ the book before she narrated it?! You're suppose to READ the story FIRST!!"

But I digress, as my disappointment with the audiobook is not the point of this entry. I'm wondering when Twilight came out in accordance to Supernatural. Because in the first quarter of the book alone there have been a Dean, Sam, Rachel, Jessica, Mike (Michael), and Becky. And I'm going "hunter, hunter, angel, dead, archangel, fangirl". It has to be a coincidence, they are fairly basic names, I guess, but that's SIX characters from my show in the first quarter of this book. How often do you read a book that one character is the same as your favorite show or something, but SIX?!

Third, I'm about to put in an audio audition, does anyone here do it professionally or have they in the past? I have some questions. Secondly, I have to read a "gender appropriate" book for my reading and I'm trying to decide which book. I'm female, btw. Granted, all the reading I've done until now has dealt with a mostly male cast (Supernatural) and I think we as poddficcers do a wonderful job, regardless of our genders or the characters, I never think "Oh hey, why is a girl reading playful banter between these two brothers? That's not gender appropriate."
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Since we have a long weekend coming up, wanted to give you a present to enjoy during your time off. Here is a list of current Dean/Cas recs, a lot of these are podfic form and I'll link to both text and podfic. These are all ones I really, really liked and have listened to recently.

Last updated: 09/25/2012
Dean/Cas Recs )

I have more, but I haven't listened to them/read them yet.  :) That will keep you busy anyway.

Podficcing a book

Monday, July 23rd, 2012 03:37 pm
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So. For kicks and giggles, as the idea struck me and sounded fun, incredibly stupid, perhaps, this grand undertaking, but fun nonetheless, and quite frankly, I'd rather not think about the laws I'm probably breaking in the process, but watch as I proceed without care and then play vastly dumb if I get caught.

I am recording myself reading a published book. It won't get an actual audio book, this I know, and hey think of the visually impaired fans of your favorite TV show (yes, blind people can 'watch' TV, Jo does all the time, though sometimes you have to explain what's happening visually). Point being, I have these tie-in novels for Supernatural that I just got and all are suppose to be really good, and I figured for kicks and giggles that I might record the first, say, chapter or two, you know, to get people interested in reading them and get fans to go buy them, thus ensuring that they continue writing books, right? it was strictly an idea to pique the interest of other fans and get them to buy the books. A teaser trailer, if you will. Wet your pallet. Give you a taste.

I'm thinking I may end up doing the whole book. Something must be wrong with me, I know. I did the first 50 pages already (five chapters), which actually, isn't much. 14% according to Goodreads.It's an hour long unedited. I may do it in five chapter sections, since there are forty chapters. Btw, it's Witch's Canyon, by Jeff Mariotte, a Supernatural tie-in that takes place during season two as far as I can tell. WHY AM I DOING THIS?!?!?! I have no explanation other than it's fun. Or I'm a masochist. I never took myself for a masochist, but the signs are there if I willingly subject myself to projects like this when I already don't have time.

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So currently, trying to get my SPN fix by downloading all the different vids I can from Comic-Con this weekend and plotting a feasible way for me and a group to cost effectively go together next year. I figure we cram as many in a hotel room as possible and it becomes a lot more affordable. Though I don't think I'd be comfortable rooming with complete strangers, any of ya'll, sure, but not people off the message boards or anything. Hm. I'm thinking.

Secondly, while I'm out downloading these epic, wonderful videos, there is a man having a full in length conversation with someone I can't see. He keeps twirling his hair as well and drinking from a 2-liter. Then he took a nap in the chair he's sitting in. Occasionally he wakes up and they converse some more. I'm keeping my gaze down and my music turned up. lol

Third! I have written chapter sixteen to The Path We Choose and will have it and the podfic chapters posted tomorrow, making them finally caught up with each other so that i can release them simultaneously. Note to self for future fics: just go ahead and record a fic if you write it. Don't know if I'm going to write another fic immediately after I eventually finish this one. I need to get focused on my own writing again.

What kind of books do ya'll like to read? I'm trying to decide what kind of story to write. Apparently, vampires aren't popular any more either.
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Here are chapter 2-4 of the podfic version of my fic. I'm new at this, so I may have missed an error, but as many times as i listened to each of them, I don't think, but please let me know if I did.

Note: I'm new to this, so feedback is very much appreciated.

Title: The Path We Choose
Author: Tenoko1
Reader: Tenoko1
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Takes place after Season five with references through Season seven.
Pairing: Dean/Lisa, eventual Dean/Castiel, more to come
Format: mp3
Length: 36:07, 33:49, 22:02
Size: 33 MB, 30.9 MB, 20.1MB
Summary: When Dean finds the re-released Winchester Gospels with all new books, he buys them, knowing full well they will tell him what his next battlefield is going to look like. Though they tried proving Chuck's prophecies wrong and failed before, Dean wouldn't be a Winchester if he was just willing to accept that as the final answer.

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This is my first attempt at a podfic, so feedback is GREATLY appreciated. I would like to improve with each one, also I think I got all the mistakes out, but if you find something clearly needing to be edited out, please let me know. I don't think there is though.

Title: The Path We Choose
Author: Tenoko1
Reader: Tenoko1
Rating: PG-13
Status: Complete
Spoilers: Takes place after Season five with references through Season seven.
Pairing: Dean/Lisa, eventual Dean/Castiel, more to come
Format: mp3
Summary: When Dean finds the re-released Winchester Gospels with all new books, he buys them, knowing full well they will tell him what his next battlefield is going to look like. Though they tried proving Chuck's prophecies wrong and failed before, Dean wouldn't be a Winchester if he was just willing to accept that as the final answer.

Chapters and art here )


Wednesday, June 6th, 2012 10:09 am
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So I'm trying to record myself reading my fic The path We Choose, as I recently just learned what podfics are, think they're fabulous, and wanted to offer the option to other people that might like them. Personally, I download them for the gym. I'm not focused on the fact that I've been on the cross trainer for thirty minutes and my legs are screaming, instead I'm trying not to grin like a freaking idiot as I listen to Dean and Cas being all kinds of cute and squee worthy. I probably scare some people.

I got most of the first chapter recorded last night, after playing with it for a while trying to get it figured out. I was playing it back through my laptop speakers, and it was fine. When I listened through headphones there's an annoying hum, like maybe it's picking up my speakers or something and I need to turn down the sensitivity of the input. Which also means I have to re-record me reading the whole chapter. LOL! It's all a learning process, since I have no idea what I'm doing and have never done this before. I'll figure it out. I think that's definitely the problem though, so easy fix. We'll see when I get home and can test my theory.

Then even once I do, I need to figure out where to upload the file and if they offer embedding coding. i stopped last night when it was late and I was tired and everything kept coming out as word salad. I finally threw up my hands "Okay, I am done. I am sooo done. Can I just tell you? No." lol which of course got recorded because the software was still going, so I edited the clip because it amused me and transferred it to my phone as a notification. Hearing myself voice frustration just amused me for whatever reason.

Anyway, to those of you who read my fic, would you be interested in a podfic? I would love feedback on it since I've never done it before. I actually think I've done really well on it, except for the hum. Any of you that may have actually done this for yourselves, any help you can offer is much appreciated. I'm using Audacity software, and a USB headset. I sound really good as far as sound quality goes, I was really impressed, glad I got that headset rather than the cheaper one on clearance.

Truth be told, this is really a lot of fun... ^////^'

For those of you that this is a new idea, and you're like "Why would I want to listen to a podfic?"
That way you can read stories when it would normally be impossible or inconvenient, like on commute, at the gym (which is when I usually listen, probably convincing the other ppl I'm a complete psycho as I bite back grins and have to clamp a hand over my mouth to keep from laughing out loud), or if you're one of those people like me that shops with earphones in- audiofics would also make braving the masses at Wal-Mart or wherever that much easier.

Reading update

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010 01:38 pm
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I mentioned this a little while back, but I'm currently reading the first Harry Potter book, since I've never read them before. This is a big deal, because I swore I would never read them, pay money for them etc. I ended up having to pay a dollar and I now have the first three books. Lost a lot of my pride that day.

Hey, I can't pass up a deal. Well, i figured the writing would get better as the books progress anyway since she had no training or anything to start with. I still cringe at the sight of those books on my shelf though. I'd never read these book before and i hated them because of all the hype, the types of people I ran into that were always fans (very annoying nerdy types), etc., etc. I mean, c'mon, how do you get so burnt out on something when you've never invested any of your time in it?

Because everywhere you look it's being thrown in your face. Heck, I love Twilight, but I'm sick of hearing about it and seeing it everywhere. Breaking Dawn was terrible, btw, just wanna throw that in there.

So I'm reading Sorceror's Stone, haven't really been able to make much headway. I've had the book like two weeks and I'm not done with it yet. Only because I haven't had the time to sit down and read. I got to for about an hour yesterday, and then the past two day I've gone to sit in my car at lunch and read for thirty minutes. A few minutes here and there, but other than that? I've just been busy.

Yeah, but the point IS! Shonen-ai will rot your brain people. Srsly. It will ruin your mind forever. Taint anything you lay your hands to. It will, because these kids in this books are eleven years old, there are no romantic angles at all and yet the voice in my head is pairing up that Malfoy character with Harry Potter. The blond kid that's snotty and obsessively picks on him, a little rich kid. Yeah. He's so cute and awkward. ^_^ Ugh. Headdesk. Shonen-ai has ruined me.
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Yeah, I was a cooler person before my lunch break today and then I went and had to lose respect for myself. I did what i swore I would never do.

Lemme go back a bit. Ahem. I have never read the Harry Potter books. Ever. Never wanted to, swore up and down I never would and that even if you gave them to me or put a gun to my head, there was no way I was reading those ridiculous books.

Put away your pitchforks and let me finish.

So, yeah. Never wanted to read them. Still don't want to read them. So why exactly do I now have a copy of the first book sitting in the drawer next to me at work? I actually paid money for the stupid thing! Only .35 cents, but still! I paid! Money! For Harry Potter! Ugh, and again I lose respect for myself. Why?

[livejournal.com profile] thatonefangirl Yep. Her fault. We recently friended each other on here and I admitted to never having read the books. Her response was "Blasphemer!" Which made me bark out with laughter as I say that myself and have never met anyone else who does. So yeah, after having a "Wait, am I holding a conversation with myself" moment, I thought about it.

There are few things that I would call somebody a blasphemer for if they didn't like it or had never read it. The Mortal Instruments series, for example. To not love it is blasphemy. The author of the series is Cassandra Clare, who before writing her series, wrote HP fanfiction. I love Cassie, though she did lose a few cool points for loving the HP. Well, if the author of my favorite series likes this other series and it's what got her writing to begin with, and then here is this other girl who could very well be me some days, well then maybe if they have it at the used bookstore, I could possibly force myself to pick it up and read it. Maybe. I'll at least go look.

They had it. And even though it only cost me thirty-five cents, it hurt to hand over money for this book that I really just don't want to read, but I am determined to be open minded about. Something good made come of it. In reading it, I may better improve my own writing style. Maybe.

Or my eyes will bleed, it could go either way.

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