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So currently, trying to get my SPN fix by downloading all the different vids I can from Comic-Con this weekend and plotting a feasible way for me and a group to cost effectively go together next year. I figure we cram as many in a hotel room as possible and it becomes a lot more affordable. Though I don't think I'd be comfortable rooming with complete strangers, any of ya'll, sure, but not people off the message boards or anything. Hm. I'm thinking.

Secondly, while I'm out downloading these epic, wonderful videos, there is a man having a full in length conversation with someone I can't see. He keeps twirling his hair as well and drinking from a 2-liter. Then he took a nap in the chair he's sitting in. Occasionally he wakes up and they converse some more. I'm keeping my gaze down and my music turned up. lol

Third! I have written chapter sixteen to The Path We Choose and will have it and the podfic chapters posted tomorrow, making them finally caught up with each other so that i can release them simultaneously. Note to self for future fics: just go ahead and record a fic if you write it. Don't know if I'm going to write another fic immediately after I eventually finish this one. I need to get focused on my own writing again.

What kind of books do ya'll like to read? I'm trying to decide what kind of story to write. Apparently, vampires aren't popular any more either.

Reading update

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010 01:38 pm
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I mentioned this a little while back, but I'm currently reading the first Harry Potter book, since I've never read them before. This is a big deal, because I swore I would never read them, pay money for them etc. I ended up having to pay a dollar and I now have the first three books. Lost a lot of my pride that day.

Hey, I can't pass up a deal. Well, i figured the writing would get better as the books progress anyway since she had no training or anything to start with. I still cringe at the sight of those books on my shelf though. I'd never read these book before and i hated them because of all the hype, the types of people I ran into that were always fans (very annoying nerdy types), etc., etc. I mean, c'mon, how do you get so burnt out on something when you've never invested any of your time in it?

Because everywhere you look it's being thrown in your face. Heck, I love Twilight, but I'm sick of hearing about it and seeing it everywhere. Breaking Dawn was terrible, btw, just wanna throw that in there.

So I'm reading Sorceror's Stone, haven't really been able to make much headway. I've had the book like two weeks and I'm not done with it yet. Only because I haven't had the time to sit down and read. I got to for about an hour yesterday, and then the past two day I've gone to sit in my car at lunch and read for thirty minutes. A few minutes here and there, but other than that? I've just been busy.

Yeah, but the point IS! Shonen-ai will rot your brain people. Srsly. It will ruin your mind forever. Taint anything you lay your hands to. It will, because these kids in this books are eleven years old, there are no romantic angles at all and yet the voice in my head is pairing up that Malfoy character with Harry Potter. The blond kid that's snotty and obsessively picks on him, a little rich kid. Yeah. He's so cute and awkward. ^_^ Ugh. Headdesk. Shonen-ai has ruined me.

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