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Posting the first chapter of a fic. I've written fics before, but never for Sailor Moon. Please be kind. Not sure if I'll continue it, but I wanted it out of my head. Maybe posting this first chapter will accomplish that. I also posted this on the sailormoonfans comm.

Title: Divergence
Author: Tenoko1
Rating: T
Genre: Drama (action/romance/angst will come later)
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters. It's probably for the best.
Summary: Usagi's been doing a bit of the unexpected.

Disclaimer: I don’t own the characters. Probably for the best.   

    “I don’t understand,” Rei said blankly, gaze still wandering around and trying make sense of what she saw.

    Sitting balanced on the arm of her couch, Usagi asked, “What don’t you get?” She motioned around her apartment, at all the labeled boxes and the one tucked against the wall overflowing with Sailor Moon merchandise. “I moved out,” she explained simply.
The senshi of fire’s expression shifted to annoyance, snapping back at the blonde. It was Makoto’s arm reaching out to grab her elbow that kept her from getting directly in their leader’s face.

    “So you leave the country for three months-without a word-, come back- without a word-, and move out of your parent’s house and into your own apartment-again without a word to us.” She jerked her arm free, glaring furiously now. “Hell, we didn’t even know you were back except that Mako-chan ran into your mother at the grocery store and she told us where you live!”

    Pursing her lips, Usagi tried to be diplomatic with her response and tone, “Look, I know you’re upset-”

    “Upset?” shrieked the other girl, pitch rising sharply. “You’ve been back for almost a month and we haven’t heard from you!”

    “I’ve been busy!” the blonde snapped, sliding off the couch and to her feet. “Coming back home, unpacking, then repacking, then moving, not to mention starting my new job to afford this place, and attending classes! In the midst of all, I had to help my mother turn my room into Chibi-Usa’s room for whenever she comes for visits, and then the upstairs room into my mother’s new work room! And they‘re remodeling the living room!” She and Rei were directly in each other’s faces. “I stop long enough to catch a few hours sleep and then I am up and running again. Even had I contacted you, you still wouldn’t have been able to see me, because I wouldn’t have had time, so I figured ‘why bother you’. I thought it would be a fun surprise to invite all over you over after I got all moved in and settled.” She threw an arm out to indicated the state of her living room. “Which as you can see, hasn’t happened yet!”

    With a sigh, Minako stepped forward, placing a hand on the priestess’s shoulder. The gentle touch was enough to break Rei out of her current fuming anger, and she stepped away with a huff. Moving off to the side with her arms crossed over her chest and dark eyes scowling hatefully at a box labeled ‘Pictures’.

    The senshi of love stepped in to take over, gazing at her friend seriously. “You could have called,” she said simply. “Said that you were back, but that you had a lot going on. You could have touched base with us and let us know you were alright.”

    Brows knitting together, Usagi’s blue eyes flicked to the brain of their group. “I… did.” Ami angled her head slightly in confusion. “I emailed you. Told you I would be out of pocket. That I would explain later.”

    The azure haired girl blinked with a start. “Is that what you meant?” She shook her head. “I had no idea what you were talking about, blew it off as you had accidentally emailed the wrong person again.”

    Wilting, Usagi dropped back tiredly to sit on the couch arm again. “Nope.” She said it carefully, making the second part pop with her lips. “Just didn’t have time to say more, and couldn’t say anything more without spoiling it all.”

    “Spoiling what?” Mako questioned.

    Blue eyes glanced at the taller girl. “I’m back. I moved out. I have a job. I’m in college.” As an after thought, she added a dry, “Ta da.”

    Minako was shaking her head, still perplexed as she circled the living room for something to do.

    “I still don’t understand why even Mamoru didn’t let us know you were back.” She shrugged, picking up a Sailor Moon DS from the box of merchandise. “You’re one thing. Mamoru is another.”

    Tiredly, Usagi shook her head. “I haven’t talked to him either.” Venus nearly dropped the DS; all four of the senshi’s gaze snapping violently to the pigtailed girl. She flushed in embarrassment. “I have been busy! I keep telling you! I have not even had time to breathe, my God, if it weren’t for Haruka and Seiya, I probably wouldn’t have gotten this far in moving.”

    “So you told them and not us?” demanded Rei.

    Minako wanted to know, “The Starlights are back?”

    Again, she shook her head. “I didn’t tell them. I ran into Haruka on accident when I was out buying my couch, and then Seiya and I literally ran into each other running around a corner. They both offered their help so that my dad wouldn’t have to. And, no, Mina, they aren’t back. Princess Kakyuu stationed Seiya on earth so that she and the others aren’t completely out of touch with this planet while they rebuild theirs.” Raising a hand, she pinched the bridge of her nose feeling the beginnings of a migraine coming on. “Not to mention, I’ve had two meetings with Pluto in as many weeks, one with Queen Serenity, plus several letters back and forth-”

    “Is something wrong?”

    “Is it a new enemy?”

    “Is it an old enemy?”

    “Is the past about to change?”

    Her eyebrow twitched and she decided she really needed sleep. Unpacking be damned. The boxes weren’t going anywhere anyway.

    “No,” she forced through her teeth. “Nothing is wrong. Pluto and I talk shop. Queen Serenity is full of advice on how to grow up to be a big girl.”

    “She just wants to help-” began Makoto.

    Usagi’s head snapped in her direction. “Yeah, well, she’s not my mother, and she isn’t me- not yet, anyway. And even when she and I are the same person, that’s a long, long way down the road. And obviously, since we’ve all seen the future, I get there just fine.” At the taken aback looks of her friends, Usagi softened, offering a weak half-smile. “I’m sorry guys. I’m just under a lot of stress right now trying to get everything back to a calmer pace. By the way, when it is the future, and I am that uptight about being graceful and having manners-” She looked directly at Rei. “-Please slap the ever living HELL out of me and tell me to get over myself.”

    “I’m sure she just trying to help prepare you for the future,” offered Ami kindly.

    Usagi rolled her head around to give the girl a look that said exactly what she thought of that help. “The future is a long way off, Ami-chan. In another millennium, actually. I think I have time to work on my posture and mannerisms in that time.”

    Offering an understanding smile, Mako-chan asked, “She’s being hard on you?”

    Shrugging, the blonde waved it off. “It’s not even that. It’s like she’s not even me. She’s nothing like me. I like me the way I am, and quite frankly, while there are things about her I admire, things I could learn from, I don’t want to be just like her. She’s like a watered down version of me, except graceful and demure. She has this smile she does that I suddenly realized is a smile she has down to a perfected art. She wields it like a mask whenever she’s thinking something she refuses to say aloud. She and Endymion both wear the same smile half the time I’m talking to them. It says ‘Wow. What a naïve, idiot child she is. Let’s indulge her with her delusions as we would a toddler’ and it pisses me off. And they way she talks to you guys!” she exclaimed in outrage.

    The four senshi all gave her varying looks of confusion. Usagi continued, “It’s like we’re not friends! It’s curt, professional, clinical even!” Straightening, she shifted her position so that she sat as regally as she could, grabbing the remote to act as her makeshift scepter. She examined it idly. “Mars,” she called, mimicking the queen’s tone, drawling, soft so that it was just clear enough to be heard. Rei glanced up. “See to it that Small Lady is keeping up with her studies and not slacking off. And be sure she spends less time with Uranus and Jupiter. The slang and language that’s come out of her mouth recently. It’s unsightly. Oh, and Mars,” Here she looked up and morphed her face into that same mask Queen Serenity always seemed to wear, a smile like a Noh mask. “Do try to make sure you’re on time for teaching sessions from now on, hm? Even if you do get another little vision, I’m sure you can decipher it’s meaning later.”

    Taken aback, Rei blinked with sudden clarity, “Oh, so she’s a bitch.”

    A genuine grin spread across Usagi’s features. “That’s why I said to slap the absolute hell out of me.” She wrinkled her nose in a teasing laugh. “I knew you’d be more than happy to knock me off my high horse, should I need it.”

    Makoto was shaking her head. “I don’t know. That doesn’t sound like Queen Serenity. She’s kind. Benevolent.”

    “That’s the word on the street,” stated Usagi. “We never actually met her, remember? I only did because I got invited for tea, and mainly to discuss Chibi-Usa coming for a visit and to ignore any moodiness on her part. Apparently, the teenage years brought angst and hormones with them.”

    Ami angled her head to one side, considering. “So she didn’t tell you anything about… anything?”

    “Nope. Can’t. That whole potential threat of a shift in the space-time continuum and changing things that happened in the past.” She gave a wry smile. “It’s rather frowned upon. Though how the first princess can come back and forth as she pleases without it being a threat to the course of the future is beyond me.”

    There was a reason Ami was looked to as the brain of their group. She was the smartest.

    “Because from their stand point, in the past, she came from the future, so in the future she goes to the past.”

    “So it washes?” questioned Mina.

    “It washes.”

    “She probably comes here to get away from her parents and train as a senshi in an atmosphere that’s not nearly so stressed,”  said Usagi causing all the other girls to look at her in shock. “What? I’m just pointing out the elephant in the room no one else is wanting to talk about. Why else would she come here when they all have far more experience, training, and powers than we do, hmm? They’re the future, remember? We are the outdated models.”

    “Yes, but you and Mamoru are her parents.”

    Scoffing, Usagi rolled her eyes. “You know as well as I do that Chibi-Usa does not see us as her parents. No more than we look at her and see our daughter. She’s like my little sister. We act and fight like sisters. We hang out like sisters. Even Mamo-chan says that when he looks at her, he thinks of her as my kid sister. I mean, hello! She had a crush on Mamo-chan for how long until she met Helios? She doesn’t see him as her dad, either.” Having finished her little rant on the royal family, the blonde sank down in exhaustion. “Look guys, I love you, I do, but I am so exhausted I’m starting to see double. I’ve slept four hours in two days, and desperately need a nap before work. I’m kicking all of you out.”

    Someone knocked loudly on the front door, making Usagi groan loudly. “Now what?” she demanded, lumbering over to the front door. The other senshi watched after her, listening to the sound of the front door open and the blond greet whoever was out there.

    The said person was already making their way into the apartment, Usagi happily on their heels like a excited puppy dog as she greedily eyed the brown bag they were carrying.

    “Down, girl. Down,” laughed Seiya, holding the bag out of her reach.

    Whining impatiently, Usagi reached in vain for the paper bag dotted with grease and smelling delicious.

    “Don’t tease me, Seiya. Is that for me or are you being a jerk?”

    The former idol caught sight of his other friends as he was pushing his glasses up onto his head. He offered them that boyish, signature grin.

    “Oh hey girls. Didn’t realize all of you were here or I’d have brought extra.”

    “Seiya,” the blonde growled- regaining his attention- one hand outstretched demandingly.

    Laughing, the male surrendered the bag, leaning forward to kiss the top of her head as she snatched away the bag and peered inside.

    “Knowing how busy you’ve been, I figured you’d forget to eat- again. So I brought you something delicious and fattening. I even brought you a strawberry shake.” He held out the styrofoam cup and straw. They were quickly snatched away as well.

    For the first time since they’d seen her again, each of the Inner Senshi really looked at their friend, seeing her for the first time. She’d lost weight. Almost too much weight. Her normally fair skin had a tan, while in contrast her hair was lighter and streaked by the sun. Her hair was styled differently as well, in the same bunned pigtails, but with an intentionally messy look. There were shadows under her eyes like she hadn’t had a decent nights sleep the entire week.

    Oblivious to their scrutiny, Usagi had hopped up onto the kitchen counter to sit and was already chowing down on an over sized burger and fries. All the while still talking to Seiya between bites and moans of enjoyment as he laughed and talked animatedly.

    “Hey, Usagi, we’re gonna head on out,” called Rei, motioning the other girls to the door. “Get some rest and call us soon to let us know what’s going on, okay?”

    “Hm?” Usagi was craning her head around to follow their path out the door. “Wha-? Oh! Oh, yeah! Bye, guys! And again, I’m sorry about the misunderstanding. I’ll tell you everything later!”

    “Odango, careful you’re gonna spill-” There was a wet splat on the floor.

    “Crap! I’m sorry, Seiya!”

    The priestess was the last one out of the apartment, quietly shutting the door behind her. The four of them moved silently away from the apartment, the raven haired girl’s expression reflective.

    They were down to the street before anyone said anything.

    “So what do you think-” Minako began, only to have Rei cut her off.

    “No,” she said calmly, raising a hand. The others looked at her questioningly. Her gaze drifted to each of their faces. “We speculate when we’re actually able to sit down with her and ask questions. Okay?” She shook her head, if mostly to shut up her own tread of thoughts. “Otherwise, there’s no telling what’s been going on.”


    Running a hand over her hair, Usagi tried to refocus on the artwork in front of her waiting for approval. The lines were good, and she liked the soft tone of it all, but the amount of detail and jewelry to the subject were too much.

    Leaning back in her seat, she motioned the artist closer, complimenting the things she liked first. “But all this?” she questioned, finger drifting over the various gold jewelry and fine, delicate chains. The rings on every finger, the multiple earrings. There were even rhinestones affixed to the end of her eyelashes. “This is all too much. Sailor Moon is a warrior, for starters. She’s beautiful yes, and maybe if we were designing for a promo we could use something more like this, but this won’t work. She has to be able to function. She isn’t simply something pretty to look at.” She handed it back. “Do again, please. And try not to make her look like an Arabian princess or harem girl this time. Stick with her main design.”

    He bowed respectfully and backed out of her area, causing the corners of her mouth to wilt downward in distaste. She didn’t like people having to be so polite to her, even if she was head of the project they were working on. Usagi was laid back and friendly, though right now she was sleep-deprived and tired. Regardless, there was no reason for people to fall silent and duck their heads when she walked past their cubicle. She had a cubicle herself, after all. She’d requested it, actually. They’d wanted to give her an office and she’d declined.

    Stretching back in her chair, she had to catch her foot on the bottom of her desk to keep her chair from suddenly overturning as it tried to so often with her. She’d learned after a couple of times landing sprawled on her back with her feet in the air. Okay, it had taken more than a couple of times to learn, but she had learned. Eventually.

    Removing her purse for the cabinet, she scrounged around it’s contents looking for loose change. The past couple of nights, her and the vending machine just outside had become really good friends. The coffee pot, too. Good friends.

    She'd be so glad when she had one less thing to do on her 'To-Do' list everyday so she wouldn't have to put so much effort into trying to get ahead of all the things still not finished. Everything right now was: try to get a little bit more done so you can be finished with it and won't have to worry anymore. Her parent's house, her apartment, getting caught up on this project at work, not to mention patrolling the city at regular intervals.
   One of the overhead fluorescents flickered lightly as she stepped outside into the warm summer air. It reminded her of her trip overseas to visit with her mother’s family these past months. There, this would be considered cool weather for the evening.

    The trip had been unexpected, she thought, feeding her money into the machine. She hadn’t wanted to go, but at the time, hadn’t wanted to stay either. She hadn’t wanted to go because… well, she thought she’d end up making a fool of herself. Her English was terrible, she knew nothing of their culture or society over there, in fact, she barely knew this family (they did live halfway across the world) save for the few memories of their visits and playing with their daughter, who was Usagi’s age.

    Ashley. A-shu-li, as Usagi kept trying to pronounce it at first.  Usagi’s mother- and all of her siblings- were half Japanese. Aunt Kaeko, had married an American, so Ashley was less Japanese than Usagi was, though quite possibly her Japanese much better. That she had pretended not to understand a word Usagi was saying at first had not been funny though. Usagi had actually cried at the thought that she was suddenly in a place she’d never been, with people she barely knew, and now she wouldn’t even be able to talk to them.

    Ashley had immediately thrown her arms around her cousin and hugged her tightly, reassuring her- in Japanese- that everything would be alright and how well they would get along. They’d been peas in a pod after that.

    Leaving home, had actually turned out to be good for Usagi. It had shown her a lot of things, taught her things, hopefully, changed her for the better.

    “Are you going to drink that,” a voice asked, “or are you going to stare at it until it gets warm?”

    Blinking out of her revere, Usagi looked around in surprise, face breaking out in a grin when she saw Haruka sitting on the stone wall.

    “Odango,” she greeted with a slow smile.

    The blonde stepped closer to her friend. “What are you doing here?”

    “Seiya and I have agreed to take turns keeping an eye on you so you’ll do normal things like eating and sleeping in regular intervals.” At this her expression fell, giving Usagi a disapproving look.  “Do you know what time it is?”

    She didn’t. Late. Too late. Should have been in the bed hours ago kind of late.

    “No,” she answered. Then added, “And I took a nap earlier today.”

    “You mean you took a nap yesterday. It’s already the morning of a brand new day.”

    “Only by a little bit,” she argued weakly, not meting the other woman’s gaze.

    “Go home,” the voice ordered.

    She looked up sharply. “I can’t! There still so much to do and we aren’t finished- And if I can just get finished, then there won't be as much to do and things will calm down.”

    “Usagi,” she snapped, rising to her feet. The blonde bit her bottom lip and averted her gaze. “You are on salary. You don’t have to be here a certain amount of break neck hours every day. Your bosses know you just got back and things are still crazy, they’ll understand.” Hands came to rest on her shoulders and Usagi looked up in surprise. The taller woman smiled kindly. “Go home. Get some sleep. You have a class in about five and a half hours.”

    “Wha-? No. It’s Monday. I don’t have a class until Wednesday.”

    Chuckling, Haruka pressed a kiss to Usagi’s head. “No, Princess, yesterday was Tuesday, and it is currently one-thirty in the morning on Wednesday. And drink this,” she said, pushing a mug into Usagi’s hands. “Michiru prepared it. Said it will help you sleep and feel less tired in the morning.” She gently pulled the girl away from the door leading back into the building. “C’mon. I’m parked right here. I’ll drive you home.”

    The pigtailed girl was shaking her head and staring at the car both warily and longingly.

    “But, work…”

    “They’ll see you tomorrow.” The car door was opened, Usagi being gently pushed into the seat and buckled in.

    “Oh, my purse…” she added lamely, fatigue pulling heavily on her eye lids now that the prospect of home was suddenly so close.

    “I’ll get it. You stay in the car. Drink your tea before it gets cold and you hurt Michiru’s feelings,” Haruka told her, leaning over her.

    Nodding, Usagi obeyed, silently bringing the warm drink to her lips and sipping gently, then with more fervor as the delicious taste flooded her tongue.

    When the senshi of wind returned to the car, the blonde girl was already fast asleep in the passenger’s seat. The emptied mug had fallen from her fingers and now rest in the floor board. The drink had done it’s job.

    “Good job, partner,” congratulated Haruka, impressed by how devious her girlfriend could be when necessary.

    With Usagi being so stubborn, sometimes it took trickery to do things for her own benefit.


    The smell of breakfast woke the senshi of the moon the next morning, and for a moment she was lost to time and place, jumping out of bed thinking she was late for school if breakfast was already ready. Only to trip over a box and land sprawled in the floor and her feet in the air. From her spot on the floor, Usagi’s sleep laden brain informed her that this unfamiliar- and half unpacked room- was not her room back home. Wonderingly, she righted herself to a sitting position, slow blinking gaze drifting around as pieces fell into place in her mind. This was her apartment, her room, in fact. This was her home now, even if it still only felt like ‘that place she stayed that wasn’t home’.

    An onyx haired head peeked in the room, blue eyes watching her curiously.

    “Oi. Odango. Fall out of bed? Or are you not awake yet?”

    Mutely, Usagi just stared at the man in front of her, recognizing and yet not recognizing, and then numbly shook her head and continued to sit there.

    Donning jeans and a t-shirt, Seiya stepped forward to crouch in front of her in concern, eyes flicking over her for injuries and at her unfocused eyes.

    “Oh boy, maybe she gave you too much.” Rising and pivoting his position in one move, Seiya pulled the blonde up to her feet, ushering her from the room, through the living room, and to a chair at the dining table. “Or maybe you didn’t get time to sleep it all off. Oh well. Nothing breakfast and coffee can’t fix!” He whirled around with a plate of food and a steaming mug of coffee, placing them in front of Usagi. Then went as far as to swap out her chopsticks for a fork to make eating easier. “Eat up, girl.”

    The remnants of the fog were already starting to lift because as she began eating, she turned to look directly at the man shuffling around her kitchen.

    “Seiya.” He turned his head curiously. “Why are you in my kitchen?”

    “Finally recognize me, eh?” He chuckled and continued moving about her kitchen. “Well, Haruka and I agreed to work together to see you are taking care of yourself and not spreading yourself too thin. She makes sure you don’t work too late and get some sleep. I make sure you eat properly, or at least, regularly.”

    “I find the thought of the two of you working together deeply disturbing,” she mumbled into her coffee, willing for the caffeine to quickly make its way into her system.

    "It's a temporary and uneasy truce, I assure you. We'll go back to hating each other and snarling as soon as we can stop worrying about you."

    She stopped eating, looking at the former idol in alarm. “How did you get in my apartment? Have you been here all night?”

   He gave her a cheeky grin. “Your couch is quite comfy.” Then laughed, waving a hand dismissively. “No, no, I got here just a little while ago to make breakfast and get you out of bed so you wouldn’t miss your class.”

    “How did you get in though?”

    He gave her a sensual grin and a wink, voice dropping an octave as he spoke, “I have a key, of course.” She set down her coffee loudly, lips pursing in annoyance. He laughed and waved her off again. “Oh relax. Both Haruka and I have a key- should you ever lose yours by the way- so that we can continue to be of help during your transition, that’s all. She swiped your keys and got the copies made herself.”

    The woman in question entered the room then, having let herself in.

    “Don’t lie to her,” she chastised, setting her keys on the bar. “You swiped the keys, then handed them to me, before I handed them to Michiru and she made the copies while out buying groceries.” She glanced at Usagi with a playful grin. “About ready to go, kitten?” They both looked at Usagi’s barely touched breakfast. “Oh dear. Seiya, wrap that up to be portable and edible, will you? I’ll get her dressed for school. C’mon, odango.”

    Scowling slightly, Usagi made a show of walking to her room on her own.

    “I can dress myself just fine, thank you.”

    “Then don’t forget to be dressed to meet your other friends after class lets out,” Haruka called after her. “So you can explain why you’ve been avoiding them.”

    “I haven’t been avoiding them!” the blonde called out indignantly through the door. Then softly added, “I’m just not sure if I’m ready to explain what i don't even understand yet.”

    Something was different. Either with her or the world around her. What was different was the hard part. Everything felt different and the same all at once. Perhaps she was simply going through a phase and it would pass once she got more settled and back into her everyday life. So much had happened and was happening. Pushing the friends she dearly loved to the side wasn't her intention, but she didn't know how to voice the confusion she felt. Her annoyance with Neo Queen Serenity had been uncalled for, and perhaps she’d simply taken it wrong, after all, for all she knew Mars and the queen had had a fight, but still had to fulfill their jobs which made them speak to one another when they weren’t quite ready yet.

    It was just… when she looked at the future queen and future senshi, when she talked to them… they were so different from her current friends that it was as though she didn’t know them. In today's world, they were best friends. Looking at the future though... It felt like this huge rift had come between them and she didn’t know how to cross it, and she was on the outside looking in on a life she didn’t understand. Their eyes were unreadable, their emotions insensible, and their expressions like masks they could put on and take off at will, leaving her guessing what they really thought and felt.

    If they were being truthful…

    She was over thinking it, she finally decided when Haruka came barging in to hurry her out to the car. She was worrying too much about something that would reveal itself in time. After all, tomorrow would soon be today. Today would soon be yesterday. And the future was all that was left to her, waiting in its brilliance, like Crystal Tokyo. She’d seen the future first hand. It was a utopia. The world was at peace, the citizens loved their queen, and the Sailor Senshi all continued to stand loyally at the monarchs’ side, continuing to protect the planet and galaxy they all loved so much.

    Which meant everything turned out fine… right?

Chapter Two

Date: 2011-06-15 02:19 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Interesting. In some ways I though it would be comforting if you could see the future would turn out brightly for you, but if you knew too much...I don't know. I can see why she would want to start her own path even if the other path is also her...oh time boundries hurt my head sometimes.
If you have more you know I'd love to read it. But it stands to poise a good amount of questions just by itself as a one shot.
And it has my pretties Haruka and Seiya....ahhh...
Though it makes me think of my own life questions and mini quarter life crisis that are not going away on their own...
Yeah I'll go back to thinking about the pretties now. lol.

Date: 2011-06-15 02:23 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh dear. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be a downer. What mini quarter-life crisis? Can I help? To quote Zachary, "I'm ready with an ear or an army."

Date: 2011-06-15 02:39 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Lol. Not a downer...its thought provoking. That's a good thing.
And I'd like to place an order for one Zachary. Ah coolest line ever...just because he can pull it off. Well you too ofcourse because I know you could back it up if ever need be. *hugs*

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