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Breast cancer. I think if we could find a cure for breast cancer, we could find a cure for all forms of cancer.

In other news: Perfume. I was asked by a customer if I would do him the favor of going buy a particular perfume for him for his wife. I did. I read up online for prices and reviews, just out of curiosity and it intruiged me. Personally, I am all about smell, rather than a visual person. A good looking guy can walk by and I won't notice him really until I smell his cologne and then it's like "Oh, wait, come back. God, you smell good. Hi, I'm ________. What's your name?" lol I'll even go to the next aisle if I smell someone but can't see them. My ex-boyfriend was hottest when he was just out of the shower (clothed) and you could smell his shampoo and soap. It was all "You. Kiss me. NOW!!!" God, that was hot for me. lol

So I am curious about your perfumes and colognes. What you wear for what occassions.
Me? Everyday wear: Warm Vanilla Sugar by Bath and Body Works. Church and Special occassions: Juicy Couture or Pure Poison by Dior.
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I have two, really. "The Nutcracker Prince" an animated feature that came out in 1986; the Mouse King scared me to death for years and I watch every year. The 1994 "Little Women" with an all star cast (Susan Sarandon, Winona Ryder, Kirsten Dunst, Christian Bale) is my other favorite Christmas movie. I love both of these movies dearly. There are otheres that are great as well, especially if you like musicals, like "White Christmas" with Bing Crosby. Love that movie.

In other news: Someone broke into my apartment last night and ransacked the place. I was upset to say the least. Okay, I was hyperventalating, but I held it together until after my mother showed up and the cops got there and they went through the apartment. I fell apart as I walked through the apartment. Christmas presents were everywhere, ripped open, closets were open, drawers pulled out, things askew. The weird thing was that nothing was obviously missing. My video game systems, my games, my laptop they were all still there, most of my jewelry still seemed to be there even though it had clearly been rifled through. So the cops are trying to calm me down and talking to my mother about security measures I can take, I'm trying not to hyperventalate, one of the cops was a few months younger than me and kept reminding me to breath through my nose and out through my mouth to slow my heart beat and control my breathing.

Some of the most comfort simply came from [livejournal.com profile] ugbunand Stephen who I'd been texting as I walked to my house, so I text them to let them know what was wrong. They both reassured me and worried and fussed and soothed just as much as though they were standing in the room rubbing my back or giving me a hug. [livejournal.com profile] ugbunand I both laughed and agreed I needed Hayln, Brittney, and Vincent (main characters in my novel) right then. Hayln would hug me while I fell apart, Brittney would run around making tea to calm me down and reassuring in her own panicked way that everything was alright, even rewrapping the presents that had been opened, Vincent would do a sweep of the house and repairs and make certain everything was secure. Then they'd all randomly show up the next morning with cookies and presents to add to the ruined ones.

A couple of things were missing, like a jewelry set my mother gave me when I turned 25, but more sentimental ones were still there which I was actually more worried about. Things are replaceable, but the feeling behind the things, memories attached and such, that's a different story. The cops said it was either kids looking for toys or it was someone looking for something specific and they broke into the wrong house.
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I have several books I would like.
The Night Circus
The Daughter of Smoke and Bone
Ready, Player One

Anything else I get is just an added bonus. ^_^

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