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So. New concept to me, but thought I would give it a shot. Trading. What I have right now is very, very limited, and almost none of it has been uploaded yet except for one, but I am starting to work on that, I promise. Please work with me. ^_^
Quality levels:

A = Excellent. Includes the DVD menu.
B = Good. Still with DVD menu, but a slightly smaller screen (black bars left and right).
C = Average. No menu, slightly smaller screen, a bit blurry. For those who know them - about the quality of a T.I.P. DVD. Still okay, though.
D = Not very good. No menu, slightly smaller screen, blurry and bad audio. STILL better than an online video, though.

Flower Troupe:
2004 Season of Angels- TIP Translation- C

Moon Troupe:
2000 Luna- TIP Translation- C
2003-04 Seal of Roses- TIP Translation- C
2010 Hamlet!!- TIP translation- C

Star Troupe:
2001 Rose of Versailles: Oscar et Andre- A
2001 Rose of Versailles: Oscar et Andre*-  C (This is a compressed 4 GB version)

Snow Troupe:
1999 Nova Bossa Nova- TIP translation- C

Cosmos Troupe:
1999 Passion: Jose & Carmen- TIP translation- C

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