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Am I the only one bouncing in their seat? I'm really not sure how I feel, there are so many things, because YAY! SUPERNATURAL! followed by OH GOD HOW ARE THEY GOING TO BREAK MY HEART NOW?!

In which case, when the episode DOES air there's probably going to be a lot of this when it comes to Dean and Cas:

And my typical reaction when it comes to Sam and Amelia:

Anyone else? And yes, I know, hi, haven't been on in a while. Been busy. Also, haven't been writing fanfic. Writing my own novel. And recording podfic.

Podfic cover

Wednesday, December 26th, 2012 10:12 am
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So I'm currently working on a new podfic called "Hard Road" by Aleisha Potter and this is the podcover I've made for it as of right now. I like it, i think I'll keep it. I think it's fitting to the story.

Summary: Dean discovers a few truths about himself when he and Cas are forced to go undercover on a hunt to the very last place Dean ever thought he'd find himself: a gay resort, called "Last Hope", geared towards failing homosexual relationships.

It looks appropriate, right? I'm not done with the podfic itself, yet. I've done about 40% of it.
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Hey wanted to rec two of my favorite podfics and share the pod covers I've made for them, even though they have their own. I love, love, LOVE Metaphysical Gravity. I cannot rec it enough. I listen to it over and over.

Title: Metaphysical Gravity
Fandom/Genre: Fusion/AU
Pairing(s): Dean/Cas
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~79,000
Summary: This is a retelling of the gothic soap opera Dark Shadows. This is not a comedy like the Tim Burton-Johnny Depp betrayal remake Vampire Castiel Collins is awakened from his tomb by down-on-his-luck author Chuck Shurley. With Chuck’s help [and blood] Castiel sets out to make a life for himself in Collinsport, restoring his old home and hopefully being reunited with the reincarnation of his former lover, Dean Winchester.

Title: Peanut Butter-Pumpkin Wedding Cake
Rating: NC-17
Genre/Pairing: Total AU, Romantic Comedy, Dean/Cas
Wordcount: 31k total
Spoilers: None
Warnings: Sex, movie cliches
Summary: The good ones are sometimes assholes and always taken.


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The Soundtrack! All songs mentioned or used in one location! If you have not listened to the podfic yet, I seriously suggest you do.
Text/Podfic l Soundtrack
1) Here Comes Trouble- Sam/Ruby
2) Marry You- 2 Teenagers on their first date
3) Nightmare by Avenged Sevenfold- Referenced by Dean as appropriate to his time in hell
4) Angel with a Shot Gun - flashback song for Dean and Cas' fight in alley
5) Endlessly- Dean in regards to Cas
6) Kiss me- background track
7) Midnight starlight- background track
8) People Change- playing on the radio in final scene
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So I'm taking part in my first pod-aware and I did the one for yesterday when I got home that evening. It's basically a meta about how I got into podfic, creation and consumption, slightly rambly, though I did have notes to glance at to TRY and keep me on track. lol

I don't know how to stream, so I've only uploaded the download files. Sorry.
I hope you enjoy it and will let me know what you think. Hopefully I amuse and am somewhat helpful.
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To make it easier to browse fics I've written or fanmixes I've made for Supernatural, since I show it so much love... I'm making this master post. ^_^ Enjoy.

Permissions: Blanket permission to podfic anything you would like, even if it has already been done, just let me know so that I can link back to you and give you mad props.

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