Two things, please.

Thursday, August 30th, 2012 02:42 pm
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Well, one really, and the other is a reward for helping me if you would please.

For you Destiel fans out there, or anyone with a good ear for music: I need a song for Dean and Cas that is like a happy ending, say if you were watching a movie, and in the scene they finally confess their feelings and kiss or whatever. Something befitting them, but also full of feels, and a total chick flick moment, since Dean fears them so much. Something you would hear playing in the back ground during that big moment.

As your reward for helping me: have cuteness overload, because Dean IS Batman, after all. That left the other roles in serious need of filling. Sammy and cas were happy to oblige.
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Title: A Systematic Downfall
Made by: Tenoko1
Tracks: 14
File Format: mp3 (zipped)
File Folder Size: 81 MB
Note: This is a Destiel fanmix filled with songs that make me think of them and the series. Some for more obvious reasons than others. The two versions of the album art are in the ZIP file folder.
Note 2: Lemme know which album cover you like better, please. I liked the blue, thinking the red/orange was too masculine for a Destiel album, but [ profile] ugbun like that one better, but we're very much opposites on a lot of things, too, so now I'm curious. I may yet another variation of the blue one, I'm not an expert of Photoshop, so a lot of this is me winging it and seeing what happens.

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