Two things, please.

Thursday, August 30th, 2012 02:42 pm
tenoko1: (SPN: Jimmy likes burgers)
Well, one really, and the other is a reward for helping me if you would please.

For you Destiel fans out there, or anyone with a good ear for music: I need a song for Dean and Cas that is like a happy ending, say if you were watching a movie, and in the scene they finally confess their feelings and kiss or whatever. Something befitting them, but also full of feels, and a total chick flick moment, since Dean fears them so much. Something you would hear playing in the back ground during that big moment.

As your reward for helping me: have cuteness overload, because Dean IS Batman, after all. That left the other roles in serious need of filling. Sammy and cas were happy to oblige.

ETSY shop & .hack

Friday, June 15th, 2012 10:57 am
tenoko1: (SPN: What is this fockery?)
So I opened a shop on ETSY, just an idea I had, thought what I enjoy other people might as well. Lemme know what ya'll think.

Fandom Collages

Also, for those of you that are gamers: I've restarted playing the original .hack series. I <3 this series so much, both it and G. U. are FABULOUS! Love, love, love. Also, with the movie soon to be released in japan, they are also releasing a .hack fighting game that actually looks really sweet along with it. Does anyone know if they have plans to localize either of these?

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