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 Podfic is more than just saying words aloud—it’s performing them, expressing one reader’s experience of the story and sharing it with the world. To find out more information on acting in podfic, check out Pod Aware on DW, LJ or Tumblr.
Or to download:
mp3 l m4b

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Day 3 of pod-aware is focused on Recs. Here is my podcast, I hope you enjoy and that you will look into the fics that I rec'd because they are near and dear to my heart, some more than others and those I make quite obvious.

mp3 l m4b
Length: 50 mins
Please let me know what you think or if you have listened to any of these and liked them as well, or if you have any recs for me as well. ^_^ Let's spread the love!
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So I'm taking part in my first pod-aware and I did the one for yesterday when I got home that evening. It's basically a meta about how I got into podfic, creation and consumption, slightly rambly, though I did have notes to glance at to TRY and keep me on track. lol

I don't know how to stream, so I've only uploaded the download files. Sorry.
I hope you enjoy it and will let me know what you think. Hopefully I amuse and am somewhat helpful.
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To make it easier to browse fics I've written or fanmixes I've made for Supernatural, since I show it so much love... I'm making this master post. ^_^ Enjoy.

Permissions: Blanket permission to podfic anything you would like, even if it has already been done, just let me know so that I can link back to you and give you mad props.

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Chapter Fics )
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After hearing about how a lot of people abhor LJ, I've decided to switch to DW as a trial at the moment because of how I've become increasingly frustrated with LJ myself. Please keep in mind that in the past, I have pretty much stuck to my own journal, but now that i am getting so into the Supernatural and podfic fandom, I am having to branch out as far as comms and stuff go, and apparently, DW is much more fandom friendly.

So, welcome to my blog! I'll go ahead and warn you, there will be lots of Supernatural-centric things on here. I write fanfics, record podfic, etc. Also, I love Once Upon A Time. I'm a huge bookworm, as well. This will be x-posted, so if you are reading this on LJ, I'm not there. I'll have to figure out how to do this with comms or whatever.

If you would like to be friends, nothing could please me more. Feel free to comment or message me anytime! I'm very friendly and love to connect with other fans. Sadly there are none where I live.
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Help spread the word on podfic (you don't need to be a podficcer to join in!). [community profile] pod_aware || [livejournal.com profile] pod_aware)

Title: Never Been Kissed
Author: Tenoko1
Pairing: Destiel
Rating: PG
Length: 17:23
Size: 10 MB
File: m4b l mp3 l text
"You ever seen that movie with Drew Barrymore where she goes undercover as a high school student for an article and all of her co-workers are watching the drama unfold with bowls of popcorn and snacks like their favorite daytime drama is on? You and Cas are the daytime drama in Heaven."

Title: Meet Me At The Chapel
Author: Tenoko1
Pairing: Destiel
Rating: PG
Size: 12MB
File: m4b l mp3 l text
Summary: Continuation of ‘The Path We Choose’ Verse, in which case, it’s Dean and Cas’ wedding day.

Title:Let me touch it
Author: Tenoko1
Pairing: Destiel
Rating: PG-13
Length: 9:28
Size: 6MB
File: m4b l mp3 l text
Summary: Done as a prompt for a realistic and literal MHC for Dean and Cas. You asked for it. I hope your body is ready.

Title: Terms of Endearment
Author: Tenoko1
Pairing: Destiel
Rating: PG
Length: 4:44
Size: 3MB
File: m4b mp3 l text
Even from behind, Dean could see the sharp in take of breath that was then slowly let out before Cas slowly turned in his seat, scowling in annoyance. For his part, Sam was grinning like a maniac.
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Seriously, though. Supernatural is prett much the ultimate show. It has everything you could want. If you are into cop show, medical show, sitcoms, whatever, Supernatural IS THAT and it's CANON! http://carryonmywaywardvampire.tumblr.com/post/34561804964

Also, from the con this weekend, and a lovely person keeping tumblr updated with everything:

"misha said destiel is canon

misha said the writers are aware it’s canon

misha confirmed jeremy carver was gonna resolve cas and dean’s relationship later in the season

misha said just cause it’s unspoken doesn’t mean it’s not real

misha also said it’s mutual love, not unrequited"

"At the meet n greet, after the Carver comment that Misha made, we all must’ve made astonished faces because Misha impatiently said, I think the love there is made pretty clear.

And I said, Sure, on Cas’s part, its well established that he loves Dean, but i don’t think it is on Dean’s side. (yes, arguing just to get him to elaborate, I’m bad)

And he sorta rolled his eyes and said, C’mon, in the first few episodes, Dean’s running around Purgatory, chopping off heads, Where’s the angel, where’s the angel, you know, the guy I’m in love with?


Misha: He might as well have. You know, we know what it is, what’s going on. We don’t talk about it. The actors don’t, Jensen and I don’t. But we’re all perfectly aware of how the relationship is, the writers are completely aware of how it’s being written. It may be unspoken but that doesn’t mean it’s not there or not true.

Yes, at the Meet n Greet, Misha completely confirmed that Dean and Cas are in a love relationship. He did not specify romantic or sexual, but then again… At that point, he didn’t need to."

So that. Misha's own words. And then this:

lol They're adorable and silly. I wonder what their wives think half the time when they're pulling stunts like this. ^_^

If that doesn't warm the cockles of your heart, nothing will, because you have no soul.

Also, further proof why our fandom is better than others:

I rest my case.
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Inspired by [livejournal.com profile] fire_juggler's meta entry yesterday about podfic as she looked back on the two years as a fan, I decided to offer my own since I'm coming from a completely different perspective. There's also podcast of it, if you're interested.

Meta: Podfic- how and why

This entry was inspired by fire_juggler’s recent and beautifully written reflection on the changes she’s noticed now that she’s been apart of the podficcing community for two years. If you have not read it, or listened to either or both of the wonderful readings of it, I highly suggest you do so. You’ll get warm fuzzies and smiles you didn’t expect, even if you’re like me and coming from the opposite end of the spectrum, you’ll be drawn in, finding yourself completely able to relate to the deep love she portrays so clearly.

I have not been into podfic for two years, I’ve only been into it for a few months. I haven’t even been in my main fandom for that long. And I didn’t get draw into podfic because I was already a fan of audiobooks, quite the opposite, in fact. I scarcely gave audiobooks a thought, and not exactly a kind one, because well, I could read faster than the narrator ever could. ‘I could read an entire book in an evening, the trilogy in a weekend… why would I listen to the audiobook?’ was always my thought.

December of 2011, my best friend bought me the first season of Supernatural and an insane love affair soon began, only intensifying with the beginning of Season four when an Angel of the Lord showed up and I found myself squeeing in delight in every scene he starred.  I began to write a fanfic, the first I’d written in years, just for the sake of fun and personal amusement. [livejournal.com profile] ugbun, the friend who had originally introduced me to SPN, had been my dearest friend and biggest cheerleader with my writing since we met five years earlier through the last fic I’d written.

She wanted to read the fic, but lacked the time, which she hated, because she was missing out on all the stories involving her favorite characters. Now- though I was new to the Supernatural fandom, and this was my first fic within it- I had seen the term ‘podfic’ several times, and had only a vague understanding of what it was, even if I didn’t understand why it was. People recorded fanfics being read. It held no appeal to me, because still, I could read the story faster myself and didn’t have to worry about the reader inflecting something in a way that was said differently in my head and…

But it got me thinking. I love [livejournal.com profile] ugbun dearly, and would do pretty much anything for her. If I could find some way to give her back the ability to indulge in fanfic, that would allow her to multitask her job as a pastry chef in a chaotic and busy restaurant, and her second job of owning her own cake business… well, then, I would do that for her.

Podfic… fanfiction read aloud. Hmmmmm….

At first, I was completely intimidated by the thought. I had no idea where to start, I’d never listened to anything more than a short story in audiobook form a couple of times: Rikki Tikki Tavi and some story about a spaceship and a girl who’d snuck aboard having to get jettisoned into space. I didn’t grow up having parents who read me bedtime stories every night or as I grew up. I literally had nothing to go on other than how the story sounded in my head and if I could just figure out a way for my mouth and mind to work together instead of against each other for once, then maybe, maybe I could make this work.

           I think [livejournal.com profile] kalakirya is the one I asked about how to record a podfic and what to do about a microphone. I went through two headsets before getting a stationary mic to sit on my desk, a cheap little Logitech. Only one person would ever hear this after all, no need for an expensive Yeti or other intimidating microphones I’d have to save for months to get.

It started out being about someone one else, about doing something nice for someone I loved, someone who had always done so much for me, and whom I value so highly it would embarrass her to no end to know it.

But then… I realized I loved reading. It was fun in a way that was completely different from writing the story. Acting out the parts and changing my voice, and even though listeners couldn’t see the changes in my facial expressions as Sam made a bitch face in the story or Castiel looked to Heaven for patience in dealing with these two humans that never ceased to baffle, frustrate, endear him, I hoped they could hear it. Could hear the smiles, the hurt, the uncertainty, the feelings that are what makes us love fanfiction, and that podficcers try so desperately to convey, because that is what made them love the story and want to give it a voice to begin with.

I also learned a lot about my own writing in having to turn around and read it aloud. I noticed more mistakes and ways to better phrase sentences. I learned that stating anything about Cas’ ‘blue gaze’ is pretty much the hardest thing for me to say and it always, always, always comes out as ‘blue glaze’ instead, and since we aren’t talking about pottery, it takes five takes, frustrated raspberry sounds, and cussing before I get it out sounding anywhere near decent.

My dogs are on a mission to always have to scratch when I’m recording and I have to shoo them from the room. My neighbors get inspired to use their loudest lawn care machines just as soon as I sit down to record. The upstairs tenant is suddenly hit with the urge to have her own private dance party to the radio and I could sing along if I were so inclined. I’m suddenly bombarded with text messages, the alert going off repeatedly, in which case that was the first lesson I learned while podficcing: turn your phone on silent. If not, it will, without fail, go off mid-sentence, rather than having the courtesy to wait until a pause. If it’s on silent, no on texts until after your done.

I started downloading other people’s podfics with fervor then, wondering what they were like, if I was the only one with a southern drawl, if it would bother anyone to listen to it, or put them off to the story when my twang comes out as characters get mad, and I don’t realize how much until I get to the editing part.

I’m still brand spanking new to podfics, worrying about stepping on toes as I try to make my way into the community, feeling very much like the little kid getting to sit at the big kid’s table for the first time: excited and terrified of making a fool of myself or doing something wrong and no one having the heart to tell me. Or worse still, being terrible and everyone being polite about it because they feel so bad about the obvious newbie what with her inability to pace and her dogs and their stupid collars and tags in the background, not to mention her grand whopping total of three, count ‘em, three podfics to her credit.

Yep, I was the little kid at the big kid table who’s shoes didn’t even touch the floor: insignificant and out of my element, wondering what on God’s green earth I’d gotten myself into when there were people like [livejournal.com profile] exmanhater, [livejournal.com profile] liannabob, [livejournal.com profile] jennacorinth, and the legendary Fayjay sitting at that same table. ‘Eep’ didn’t begin to describe my panic.

But I stayed at the table, even though I had no background in what I was doing, because I loved it just the same, this new hobby that I would have never even considered or known was a hobby were it not for a single Christmas present from a friend who lived a thousand miles a way.

I’m still the new kid, and I don’t know very many people, even fewer probably know me, but I’m getting braver, ready to start asking permission to podfic other people’s work now that I’ve succeeded in not massacring my own. I like making podfic covers too, but again, all I’ve got are enthusiasm and willingness on my side, and the hope that it could be worse than whatever my final creation is.

I’ve had people say they would never be brave enough to do podfic or even attempt it. You’ve listened to it, haven’t you? You know how it sounds in your head. Just try it. I’m sure you’ll surprise yourself. Perfection not required, leave scathing self-criticism at the door, just go give the people you already know and dearly love a voice. We all came here for different reasons and from different fandoms, but we’re here, and that’s the fun of it. Trying, learning, experimenting, practicing, and succeeding in jumping over that fence into a brand new field to go run and play in… that’s what fandom is. That is what fanworks are. They are fun and love and time and pieces of you rolled together to create a fingerprint. Something completely unable to be duplicated by anyone else. Because it was done by you, and in that, you connected with others like you all over the world, different though you all may be, yet all united as well, regardless of time zones, hemispheres, or continents. That is what podfics, and fandom, are about.

So, yeah. I haven’t been here for two years. I haven’t listened to very many podfics outside of Supernatural, because hey, obsession! I have one! But, I’m here, too. Connected with those who are now veterans while I’m still brand new and unbroken in, and I think there’s a kind of beauty in the terrified forward stare, just as there is in fire_juggler’s reflective look back.

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Title: My Life is a Movie

Author: Tenoko1

Rating: PG-13

Pairings/Characters: Dean/Castiel, Sam, Gabriel, St. Peter, OFC(angel, so OFA?)

Spoilers: Uh, through the end of Season Five, I believe.

Summary: With Cas being held prisoner in Heaven, Dean, Sam, and Gabriel confront the current leaders of the angels, offering an ultimatum.

Disclaimer: Supernatural, its story and characters, along with all songs mentioned/used belong to their respective owners.

Note: Final chapter. For podfic or audiobook, go to masterpost.

Final Chapter )


Wednesday, October 17th, 2012 12:39 pm
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Uh, who's excited for tonight's episode of Supernatural?

*winces as the entirety of the internet screams in delight and anticipation*

Yeah, that's what I thought. Last week and the response to it were truly phenomenal. In fact, that's exactly what RDJ said about it.

We still have several hours to go and I don't know how I'll manage. The stress of the anticipation, you see.

Regardless, we will get through this. And it will be a (hopefully) awesome episode. Misha wishes us luck in our wait, so let us bask in so much pretty in one being, shall we?

Aw crap, Sheldon and I have been sent into hyperventilation again. Brb, need paper bag.

In other news, basic meme, dunno why I've been wanting to do one of these, but as a Virgo, we like making lists and I've liked doing a Favorite Things lists since as far back as I can remember.

Ten Questions )

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Okay, so I'm currently listening to the audiobook for Twilight. First off, I loved the book, I know it's not for everyone. I hate Stephen King. It happens. The audiobook is quite bad, imo. She's killing the story. She's a really terrible narrator, I mean, so many podficcers are so much better. Bella is funny, has a temper, and fairly sarcastic. When Bella is using dry, sarcastic humor that is HYSTERICAL... the narrator just makes her sound bitchy. When Edward is being cocky and teasing, it comes out uncertain and confused. I'm like, "Did she READ the book before she narrated it?! You're suppose to READ the story FIRST!!"

But I digress, as my disappointment with the audiobook is not the point of this entry. I'm wondering when Twilight came out in accordance to Supernatural. Because in the first quarter of the book alone there have been a Dean, Sam, Rachel, Jessica, Mike (Michael), and Becky. And I'm going "hunter, hunter, angel, dead, archangel, fangirl". It has to be a coincidence, they are fairly basic names, I guess, but that's SIX characters from my show in the first quarter of this book. How often do you read a book that one character is the same as your favorite show or something, but SIX?!

Third, I'm about to put in an audio audition, does anyone here do it professionally or have they in the past? I have some questions. Secondly, I have to read a "gender appropriate" book for my reading and I'm trying to decide which book. I'm female, btw. Granted, all the reading I've done until now has dealt with a mostly male cast (Supernatural) and I think we as poddficcers do a wonderful job, regardless of our genders or the characters, I never think "Oh hey, why is a girl reading playful banter between these two brothers? That's not gender appropriate."
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OMG, I just DIED. Also, if anyone has a good quality of this that I can DL, I would greatly appreciate it. Why they didn't put it with the others on the DVD, I have no idea.

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For those of you on my FL that are NOT Supernatural fans, you are going to have to get use to having weekly freak outs on your FP because, well, Supernatural is causing all the feels this season and we're only two episodes in. You've been warned.

Well, first, I made a new album cover for My Life Is a Movie. It features the characters rather than the actors.

This isn't my knack, but what say you?

Now, on to the main attraction! SPN 8x02. And the way it caused feels. And we realized that our ship wasn't sinking, it's a submarine and wasn't in danger. It swims just fine. Fans wept with unexpected, overwhelming joy.

Spoilers. Gifs. Incoherency. Occasional capslock. )
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Title: My Life is a Movie

Author: Tenoko1

Rating: PG-13

Pairings/Characters: Dean/Castiel, Sam, Gabriel, St. Peter, OFC(angel, so OFA?)

Spoilers: Uh, through the end of Season Five, I believe.

Summary: The case they were working is put on hold in light of one of their own being taken and held against his will. Dean is willing to go to any lengths to get him back.

Disclaimer: Supernatural, its story and characters, along with all songs mentioned/used belong to their respective owners.

Masterpost and Podfic

Chapter 3 pt 1 )


Monday, October 8th, 2012 12:41 pm
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In light of my first attempt for a album cover for my podfic and how much I liked it despite it not being a good match up for the podifc and I will have to try again, I have instead turned around and made wallpapers. You are more than welcome to them. I think they 1376x766 or something like that. Standard for my computer screen, let me rephrase.
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Okay, so I made some covers for my podfic, and wanted your feedback on them. It was kind of hard considering there aren't really images that GO with this particular story. Anyway, I think I like the colorful one more option, seeing as how they're all smiling and everything.

I'm definitely leaning more toward the second one, though it has nothing to do with the story either. lol If anyone would like to throw their efforts into the mix, you are more than welcome. I need more images to work with. As much as I like the second one, it's rather clearly J2M rather than DSC, you know? And it doesn't have anything to do with the actors, so the cover doesn't really work. I need promotional images or something with the characters. Hi-res images, or maybe pictures of the boys smiling or something, I dunno. Any great images you have would be awesome if you want to donate to the cuase or know of a great gallery I can shift through.

Also, as far as update goes, the chapter is both written and recorded, now I just have to edit it and add the music track. ^_^
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It has to be a Supernatural reference, because I can think of NO OTHER CONNECTION. I saw this on the way home yesterday and so took a picture on my phone like a creepy stalker.

Now if only it had said 'Destiel' or something.Or even J2M. But still. My day was freaking MADE.

I also had a Dr. Who sighting the other day when I went to pick my car up from the shop. Pathfinder. Geddit? This person is clever and sadly few will realize how much so.
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Just gonna go ahead and warn you: Spoilers. And gratuitious fangirling. And gifs. And incoherency.

BAM! Awesome!

You were warned. )

What about ya'll? princess_aleera had a friend on her FL that actually hated the episode (the blasphemer) so I'm curious as to your take. lol I promise you can have your own opinion without any negative backlash, even if i don't agree. Opinions and discussions welcome, rudeness to other LJers not tolerated.

Icons: OUAT & SPN

Monday, October 1st, 2012 08:29 am
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