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It's late, I know. Enjoy.

Title: Happy Thanksgiving
Author/Reader: Tenoko1
Pairing/Characters: Dean/Cas, Sam, Charlie
Summary: It's their first attempt at a real Thanksgiving.
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            Thanksgiving, in theory, seems relatively simple, what with the whole actually doing the cooking themselves part rather than going out to another diner. Dean wasn’t sure who was suddenly struck with the insane idea first, that insistent thought that they have a REAL Thanksgiving this year.

            Maybe it was because this was their first year since having giving up hunting and they were all still very excited to DO ALL THE THINGS, like NORMAL FUCKING ADULTS! The hammock in their back yard had yet to lose any of its appeal to Dean. Neither had mowing the grass.

            Who’s turn it was the mow the grass was something Dean and Sam fought over, not trying to get out of, but because they were more than happy to volunteer. They had the best kept lawn in the entire neighborhood. The flowerbeds were Cas’ thing and he was good at it, so they let him have to himself.

            But now they wanted normal family holidays too.

            “What it suppose to catch fire like that, Dean?” questioned Cas, actually perplexed, because, hell, this was his first year doing this too, so hell if he knew.

            The flames now out, Dean was eyeing the turkey suspiciously. “It’s just, uh, a little crispy on the outside. Crispy is good.”

            The former angel regarded it with dry amusement, the corner of his mouth curling upward. “At least we know the bird was not possessed.”

            “You’re not wrong,” conceded Dean. “Here, let’s put the chickens in now.”

“Please explain how we are going to get the chickens drunk if we are giving them Dr. Pepper instead of alcohol.”

“It’s just what this style of cooking it is called, Cas. A lot of people use beer, but everyone I asked said Dr. Pepper is actually a lot better.”

“Will they catch fire when they’re done as well?”

“Let’s, uh, not let them catch fire, shall we, Cas? These need to be juicy and tender. Turkey’s dry enough already, no one will notice if ours cooked a little too long.” The hunter strode across the kitchen to the backdoor, sticking his head out to regard his brother. “Sammy. How comes it with yours?’

“Dean, why is smoke coming out of the kitchen?”

“Because I’m on fire with this family dinner thing I’m that good. How’s your chick?”

The taller male looked down at the large silver container. “We had a few setbacks but it’s under control now.”

“It caught fire?”

“Shut up. No. It’s fine, Dean. Get back in the kitchen, we’re running out of time before everyone gets here.”

“I’ll start the casserole if you’ll get started on the macaroni, Dean.” He glared at the blue and yellow boxes on the counter. “For something with no nutritional value, I have no idea why it’s a stable.”

            “Because mac and cheese is about as American as you can get, Feathers.”

            “Is all this food necessary Dean?” The table was already covered in desserts that didn’t have to be in the fridge. The rest of the fridge taken up with things that did or things that had already been prepared and simply needed to be cooked now. “We aren’t feeding an army.”  Dean rolled his head around to give his angel a look, and Cas gave in, nodding sharply. “You’re right, we’re feeding an army. What was the last headcount? What is everyone bringing? Are you sure this isn’t too much?”

            Cas and Dean had both actually really been stressing out over this first family holiday, both wanting so badly for it to be perfect. Sam assured them whatever it was, it would be better than anything they’d had growing up.

            Which would be nothing, so Dean both had to concede his brother’s point, and use it as part of his argument that THAT was why this needed to be PERFECT.

            Sam just rolled his eyes and went along with it like he didn’t care, but was indulging his brother.

            That was total bullshit. Dean had caught Sam staying up late reading a cookbook he’d gotten from the library and writing down recipes he wanted to try. Then had casually brought them up like ‘Oh, everybody does this at Thanksgiving, don’t you know anything Dean? And yes, I do know the exact recipe off the top of my head because I’m a genius like that and went to college. Geez, Dean.’

            So yeah, all three were excited. And nervous. Very nervous. Because, they were having company for their first thanksgiving. And every family holiday to come, actually. A gift from on high. And nightmare. Their guests were all from on high.

            Dean just hoped they were each bringing a dish.

            “We’ll there’s us three,” he said. “Your siblings.”

            “Gabriel, Anna, Balthazar, and Samandriel.”

            “Alfie’s a good kid. This will be fun for him.” Cas nodded. Dean continued. “And then there’s our crew which are being given one day pass to earth for this shindig.”

            “Ellen, Jo, Pamela, Bobby, and Ash. And Benny, do you think three bags are enough for him?”

            Dean nodded. “We invited Missouri, but she’s got her own family to contend with, and from the yelling going on in the background, a house full of psychics, so I declined her offer that we drop by.”

            “Charlie, too,” added Cas, glancing toward the ceiling. “I’m not sure if one of us should try to wake her. Who does she like the most incase she’s a hell beast upon waking?”

            “Who to sacrifice? Mm, Sam. They bonded over their nerd love.”

            “Sam!” Cas called out, causing the brunette to poke his head in the back door. “Go rouse, Charlie please. She will need to start getting ready.”

            “Just yell for her.”

            “I will not yell for her,” said Cas, affronted like they’d asked him to strip naked and dress only in cheese. “Just go wake her, please.”

            Both brothers glanced at each other, then at Cas, before regarding the ceiling and yelling, “Charlie! Get outta bed!” Something crashed, like an alarm clock being knocked off the night stand. “Charlie!”

            Dean glanced over at his boyfriend. “In answer you your question, Cas, no, I don’t think this is too much food.”

            “I really hope this goes well,” confessed Cas, almost sourly. “My family and yours in the same room does not bode well.”

            “They’re all in Heaven together, I’m sure they’ll behave on Earth. My family isn’t what I’m concerned about.”

            Insulted, Cas gave him a look. “Oh, so it’s my family you think incapable of being civil?”

            The hunter quickly backtracked. “No, no, no! They’ll be completely civil! This is something we’re all looking forward to! I’m, uh, concerned about containing myself when you look so hot in that apron, it’s a very sexy look for you.” The angel gave him an unimpressed look, even as Dean grinned and leaned forward to nibble at his jaw. “A very sexy look for you. Too sexy. Edible sexy.”

            Despite himself, a slow, pleased smile was making its way over the angel’s expression. “Your charms will not work on me, Mr. Winchester, you’d best not even try.”

            Grinning, Dean wrapped his arms around the angel, nibbling at his jaw. “Oh, but I think they will, Mr. Novak.”

            Cas gave him a peck of a kiss and moved away. “I really ought to have decided on a better surname than that of Jimmy’s.”

            “Why don’t you become a Winchester?” asked Sam as he came in with a tray full of steaming turkey.

            “There’s an idea,” agreed Dean.

Cas arched a brow at the younger sibling. “You want me to take your family name, Sam?”

Frowning, Sam shook his head. “No, I think you ought to take Dean’s name, not mine. You’re a brother to me, Cas, let’s keep it that way.” He winked and walked off, leaving behind a baffled angel, and a brother grinning in amusement to himself as the door rang for the first of their guests.

“That made no sense,” declared Cas, glancing over at the elder sibling. “You have the same last name.”

“He wants you to say ‘yes’, Cas,” he explained, motioning to Charlie as she bounded down the stairs that she needed to answer the door please.

“Yes to what?”

Removing the last of the tinfoil covers from all the many dishes lining the counter, Dean glanced over at the other man, grinning. “To my asking you to marry me, of course. Take my name. Become a Winchester. Officially Sam’s brother. For better or- well, we’ve already been through the worse and you’re still here, so I say we’ve got a better than average shot. What say you?”

“That that would make this a happy Thanksgiving indeed,” the angel said, beaming happily.

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