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Yes, seriously, busy. And dead tired right now. Who watched Supernatural last night? Epic, right? i kept getting aggravated by all the Sam flashbacks because they seemed to keep interrupting Dean/Cas moments. And I don't care for Amelia, the who storyline is weird, surreal, like it didn't happen or something, maybe because of the filter they used. Regardless, I fail to care about Amelia, and I feel really bad for Sam because of it. I *want* to like her, because he does.... I just don't. Sadly, I can't say this on Twitter because her actress follows me and I don't want to hurt her feelings. It's not the actress, it's the writing. Whenever they try to force a relationship on us, they do it quite badly. Amelia's funny when she's mad or snarky. I really wonder if she's not real, and this whole thing is an elaborate dream Sam made up in his head.

Had a person pop on Tumblr telling me that they LOVE YOUR VOICE!!!! The capslock is a quote. lol Not sure how they found me since I don't put my podfics on Tumblr, but.... Don't worry, honey, I like my podfics, too. lol It's the reason I podficced them, because I liked the story. I'm glad you like my voice, I'm not a proper judge if I sound any good or if I'm bad.

Okay, tired, can't think. Bye.

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